Core Services

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Online Data Removal

If you live in the U.S., your name and home address are likely displayed on hundreds of websites for anyone to find. We eliminate that threat. We also tackle revenge porn, defamatory posts, and unflattering content.

Secure Communications

Your standard text messages and emails are not secure. Rogue employees, online criminals, and big companies can intercept everything you send. We help you protect your sensitive content with completely encrypted text, email, voice, and video communications. This involves a lot more than downloading a new app.

Breach Monitoring & Injection

We are all exposed within multiple data breaches. Our passwords and other sensitive details are in the hands of thousands of criminals. We help monitor the threats and manipulate the exposed data in order to make you a much smaller target.

Account Maintenance

When is the last time you checked your privacy settings on the websites you use? Is your email configured to secretly send all communications to a third-party crook? We help identify compromised accounts and lock out the snoops. We then make sure your accounts stay secured from sneaky attacks.

Ghost Addresses

We believe everyone should establish an address which can be publicly used for bills, personal correspondence, and government requirements. We also believe you should have no physical association to this address. A Ghost Address allows you to display a normal existence without jeopardizing the location of your home. We do all of the heavy lifting.

Foreign Domicile

For those with extreme needs, we can make you a resident of a state which you rarely visit, including a driver's license with your new Ghost Address. Data-mining companies will populate this "bait" within all reports and share it with others. We can then protect your true location.

New Identities

Telling the Starbucks employee your name is "Bob" is one level of using an alias. We take things further. We establish a new identity which exists within aged social network profiles, email accounts, employment history, communications records, data breaches, and real estate transactions. Your new identity will even pass the scrutiny of online shopping sites as a real person.

Disinformation & Reputation

Removing your personal online information and establishing an alias are great steps toward privacy. However, the battle over new online exposure never ends. Disinformation helps create confusion. We expose enough inaccurate details about you and your location to cause data-mining systems to prioritize the wrong information over the accurate details.

Anonymous Home Purchases

If you want to stay private, you cannot place your home and property taxes in your true name. We leverage aliases and legal instruments to make sure your new home has no association to you or your family. You still own everything, but the world will never know.

Trusts, LLCs, & Asset Protection

We believe all large assets should be titled to a trust or LLC. Doing this correctly requires a lot of experience. We make sure your homes, vehicles, and any other assets which require government licensing stay out of your name. We can even make the legal documents never track to you.

Temporary Safe Houses

For our clients who face immediate physical danger, we are prepared to offer temporary safe houses. These can be private homes hidden from public records or hotel rooms secured in an alias name. We have hidden dozens of clients from their stalkers until long-term plans can be made.

Dual Residency & Citizenship

On occasion, clients want to leave their home country permanently. This is not as simple as purchasing travel and packing a bag. Long-term foreign residency can be complicated and permanent citizenship can require years of residency. We simplify the process after years of experience.

About Us

Michael Bazzell

MB investigated computer crimes on behalf of the government for over 20 years. During the majority of that time, he was assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force where he focused on various online investigations and open source intelligence (OSINT) collection. As an investigator and sworn federal officer through the U.S. Marshals Service, he was involved in numerous major criminal investigations including online child solicitation, child abduction, kidnapping, cold-case homicide, terrorist threats, and advanced computer intrusions. After leaving government work, he served as the technical advisor for the first season of the television hacker drama Mr. Robot. He now hosts the weekly Privacy, Security, and OSINT show, and assists individual clients in achieving ultimate privacy, both proactively and as a response to an undesired situation.

The Team

You will not find our employees on LinkedIn or Facebook. We don't even identify them here. We respect their desire for anonymity. We only disclose that our small internal team has extensive experience in the art of making people disappear. They have all applied the methods toward themselves and are ready to help you under immediate supervision from MB.

Our Clients

Many privacy service providers announce their corporate clients on their home page as badges of honor. Per our privacy policy, we never share any details about our clients. You will never see us announce affiliation with any third party.