Account Maintenance

When is the last time you checked your privacy settings on the websites you use? Is your email configured to secretly send all communications to a third-party crook? Are your social network profiles configured for remote access by an intruder? We help identify compromised accounts and lock out the snoops. We then make sure your accounts stay secured from sneaky attacks. The following explains our two-tiered approach.

Account Maintenance

  • Prevent Email Forwarding
  • Eliminate Malicious Email Rules
  • Optimal Online Privacy Settings
  • Unique Email Accounts for All Services
  • Unique Passwords on Each Account
  • Password Manager Configuration
  • 2FA on All Accounts

Account Monitoring

  • Weekly configuration confirmation
  • Account Access Log Analysis
  • Outgoing Spam Triggers
  • Spoofed Account Discovery
  • Data-Mining Alerts

Are YOUR accounts secure?