Ghost Addresses

We believe everyone should establish an address which can be publicly used for bills, personal correspondence, and government requirements. We also believe you should have no physical association to this address. A Ghost Address allows you to display a normal existence without jeopardizing the location of your home. We do all of the heavy lifting. The following explains our two-tiered approach.

Ghost Address Creation

  • Establish Physical Address in Remote State
  • Confirm "Permanent Change" of Address with USPS
  • Publicly Associate Address with True Name
  • Establish Mail Collection at Ghost Address
  • Establish Mail Scanning Service
  • Establish Physical Mail Forwarding to Secure Location

Ghost Address Maintenance

  • Continue Public Association to Name
  • Associate Address with Recurring Bills
  • Associate Address with Personal Finances
  • Securely Collect Mail at Ghost Address
  • Scan All Incoming Mail to Secure Email Address
  • Forward Physical Mail to Secure Location

Do YOU need a Ghost Address?