Breach Monitoring & Injection

We are all exposed within multiple data breaches. Our passwords and other sensitive details are in the hands of thousands of criminals. We help monitor the threats and manipulate the exposed data in order to make you a much smaller target. Anyone can search their own email address through various breach reporting websites, but we take things much further. The following explains our two-tiered approach.


Most free breach discovery sites simply tell you where your information has been exposed. We provide your full exposed records including email addresses, passwords, names, usernames, telephone numbers, home addresses, password hints, and financial details. We want you to know everything exposed. We replicate this for your family or employees. We then monitor all of theses fields within future breaches to make sure additional accounts are not exposed.


Many of our clients ask us to manipulate breach data on their behalf. We have sources which can inject misinformation before a breach is shared publicly with the world. We can also remove entire records before some data is released. We possess automated systems which can introduce so much inaccurate information to various criminal marketplaces that your true details get buried within all of the noise.

Are YOU exposed?