Secure Communications

Your standard text messages and emails are not secure. Rogue employees, online criminals, and big companies can intercept everything you send. We help you protect your sensitive content with completely encrypted text, email, voice, and video communications. This involves a lot more than downloading a new app.

Secure Communications Protocol

Phase I: New Hardware

Your device could be compromised. Sophisticated malicious software may be reporting all of your activity to an adversary. Furthermore, those fancy iPhone or Android phones, iPad or Chrome Tablets, and Mac or Windows Laptops are forever associated with your true name. New equipment eliminates this connection and ensures a clean environment for your new digital life. We purchase all hardware anonymously and deliver it you through an alias name. We prevent any digital trail from your new devices to your true name or address.

Phase II: New Accounts

Your new hardware could be tainted if you connect it to the same Google, Microsoft, or Apple account previously used. These accounts carry over settings, files, and software which may not be safe. We create new accounts on your behalf though your new alias name. We apply anonymous payment options for a seamless experience. Apple, Google, and Microsoft will never associate your new devices to your true name or history. A new firewall for your entire home ensures that your devices never expose your true IP address.

Phase III: Secure Usage

After you receive your new device with new accounts, we configure your new secure communications options. All email will be completely End to End Encrypted (E2EE); your text messaging will occur within secure applications with expiring messages (E2EE); sensitive voice calls will be made securely without eavesdropping abilities (E2EE); video calls will be truly private (E2EE), and traditional telephone conversations will be made through anonymous VOIP services without documentation by your cell provider. All of your communications will be registered in an alias name, including your cell phone plan.

Are YOUR communications secure?