Disinformation Campaigns

Removing your personal online information and establishing an alias are great steps toward privacy. However, the battle over new online exposure never ends. Disinformation helps create confusion. We expose enough inaccurate details about you and your location to cause data-mining systems to prioritize the wrong information over the accurate details. The following types of INACCURATE data will be generated and spread across hundreds of sites.

  • "Verified" Home Address in Another State
  • "Registered" Cell Number & Voicemail
  • Domain Registration with Confirmed Details
  • Personal Contact Site in Another State
  • Personal Blog with Automatic Update Posts
  • Personal Interests Site
  • Twitter Profile with Location Data
  • Facebook Profile with Location Data
  • LinkedIn Profile with Employment History
  • False Breach Data

Do YOU need a disinformation campaign?

Reputation Management

People are Googling your name. When they do, what pops up? Is that embarrassing photo or social network post from college preventing you from consideration for a job? We can help.

Reputation Management Categories


  • Revenge Content Removal
  • Online Image Sanitization
  • Online Post Cleanup
  • Online Archive Mitigation


  • Pre-employment Cleanup
  • "Good" Content Promotion
  • "Bad" Content Burial
  • Online Archive Mitigation


  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Negative Review Removal
  • Targeted "Hate" Site Removal
  • Online Archive Mitigation

What do YOU need managed?