Foreign Domicile

For those with extreme needs, we can make you a resident of a state which you rarely visit, including a driver's license and vehicle registration displaying your new Ghost Address. Data-mining companies will populate this "bait" within all reports and share it with others. We can then protect your true location. This is not appropriate for everyone, but many clients find it to be the perfect solution to their privacy playbook. The following explains our two-tiered approach.

Foreign Domicile Creation

  • Establish Ghost Address within Domicile State
  • Satisfy Nomad Residency Affidavit Requirements
  • Surrender Previous Driver's License
  • Establish Foreign Domicile in Remote State
  • Obtain Driver's License from Foreign Domicile
  • Obtain Vehicle Registration from Foreign Domicile

Foreign Domicile Maintenance

  • Renew Driver's License Remotely (Every 5 Years)
  • Renew Vehicle Registrations Online Annually
  • Attach Ghost Address to Government Services
  • Confirm Ghost Address within Credit Report
  • Make Ghost Address Your Official "Home"

Do YOU need a new domicile?