Anonymous Home Purchases

If you want to stay private, you cannot place your home and property taxes in your true name. We leverage aliases and legal instruments to make sure your new home has no association to you or your family. You still own everything, but the world will never know. Your broker will never know your true name and you will not be present during the closing process. There are two sides to the process, as explained below.

Pre-Purchase Tasks

  • Establish Broker Under an Alias
  • Begin Search Without Contamination
  • Identify Home Appropriate for Privacy
  • Secure Offer Documents Titled To Trust
  • Establish Anonymous Relationship with Title Company
  • Close on Property Under Trust Name
  • Take Possession of Anonymous Home

Post-Purchase Tasks

  • Establish Utilities Anonymously
  • Confirm Title and Taxes in Trust Name
  • Establish Home Insurance Privately
  • Hire Movers Anonymously
  • Understand All Privacy Protocols for a New Home
  • Establish Anonymous Payment & Shipping Options
  • Create Rapport with Neighbors as an Alias

Do YOU need an anonymous home?