New Identities

Telling the Starbucks employee your name is "Bob" is one level of using an alias. We take things further. We establish a new identity which exists within aged social network profiles, email accounts, employment history, communications records, data breaches, and real estate transactions. Your new identity will even pass the scrutiny of online shopping sites as a real person.

Three Levels of Aliases

Level I: Basic

This represents minimal alias usage, and should be appropriate for most people. It is enough to protect your true identity from most online companies, but would never fool payment processors or large corporations. We provide the following items:

  • New Email Account in Alias Name
  • New Anonymous Phone Number
  • Photo ID in Alias Name
  • Physical Alias Home Address (Apt.)
  • Virtual Debit Card in Alias Name

Level II: Advanced

Level II presents "aged" content which pacifies automated systems trying to snuff out fraudulent activity. You appear to have an established online history which satisfies rules to block new accounts. We provide everything in Level I plus the following:

  • Aged Email Account in Alias Name
  • Email Present Within Data Breaches
  • Name Present Within Data Breaches
  • Phone Number Registered in Alias
  • AMEX Credit Card in Alias Name

Level III: Extreme

We reserve a level for those with extreme needs, such as an aggressive savvy stalker. This is never advised for those with security clearances or government jobs. We provide everything within Levels I and II, plus the following (to those who qualify):

  • Employment History in Alias Name
  • Credit History in Alias Name/DOB
  • Rental History in Alias Name/DOB
  • Employment/Personal References
  • Alias in People Search Sites

Name Change

Some clients prefer to avoid alias usage and commit to an official name change. This is a drastic move, but warranted by some. The entire process takes six months to complete in order to avoid a trail of information from one name to the other.

Do YOU need an alias or name change?